Barton Lewis's Genealogy Pages

I have used DNA in my research since 2008. In a number of cases, DNA has helped me solve genealogical mysteries, including breaking down brick walls. However, DNA can never be used in isolation from conventional research (our DNA does not come with our ancestors' names stamped on it). But in conjunction with written records, circumstantial evidence and oral tradition, DNA can be a powerful tool in our research toolkit.

The links at right are to articles and case studies drawn from my kits. They include my findings on Triangulated Groups ("TG's"), a controversial concept in autosomal DNA matching. I reviewed the TG's in 12 kits at FTDNA to try and assess what these Groups are telling us about the age of the segments, and how we are matching others.

Also presented here are case studies drawn from my kits, showing how I broke through brick walls using autosomal DNA. This section gets updated regularly, as I review existing matches, new matches are added, and connections found.